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Dear friend,

For a number of months I have wanted to tell you about the great work being done by our Messianic congregations. Let me first tell you what a Messianic congregation is, in case you are unfamiliar with this wonderful illustration of the body of Messiah.
A Messianic congregation is an expression of Jewish life and culture joined with all the richness of knowing Jesus as Messiah and Savior! A Messianic congregation functions like a good, solid church and offers Bible training for children and adults, outreach and evangelism programs, fellowship for all ages and is a caring, Jesus-centered community where Jewish and Gentile believers can grow in the Messiah!


We have also found that Messianic congregations are wonderful tools for evangelism. As you know, most Jewish people view the Gospel as traditionally “un-Jewish” and most, including my own family, feel they need to give up their Jewish identities to follow Jesus. This is not true, but a common perception because of the centuries of persecution by so-called Christians.

This is why we have seen so many Jewish people give their hearts to the Lord at our congregations and why Jewish visitors do not feel compelled to ask the question, “Can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus?”  They see the answer before their very eyes in the worship, style of service and the music and are able to focus on the purity of the Gospel of grace and consider the most important question: “Is Jesus the promised Messiah?”

A number of our Chosen People Ministries missionaries have either planted or serve as the leaders of congregations. Click here to read their stories about what the Lord has taught them about their ministries.

How You Can Help Chosen People Ministries’ Congregations

There are many ways you can partner with Your Mission to the Jewish People in our congregational ministries! First of all, you can pray—for the congregations, the leaders and for the Jewish communities they endeavor to reach.

You might visit a congregation if one is nearby. You can look on our website for a list of Chosen People Ministries’ congregations and I know that our leaders would love to have you visit them! Then get word out to your church and Christian friends that there is a good place to bring the Jewish people with whom they are sharing the Gospel.

May I also bring one particular need before you? We have a growing dynamic Russian-language congregation in Tel Aviv that has struggled to find a place to meet that is large enough to house their congregation and children’s work. We had to help them rent a hall for their ministries, which includes weekly services, children’s work, a ministry to drug addicts and abused women, counseling and much more! Chosen People Ministries committed $6,000 per month to help them pay for rent.

As you know, Tel Aviv is one of the most expensive cities in the world and actually the rent is much more, but we split the costs with another Messianic congregation.

Would you give generously to help these dear brothers and sisters in Tel Aviv? Your gift of $60 or even $600 would be so helpful this month! If you are able to consider taking on a month’s rent or half a month’s rent—that would be so encouraging.

Thanks for caring and for helping us support the ministry of Simchat Yeshua (the Joy of Jesus) congregation in the heart of Tel Aviv!

May the Lord bless and keep you!


Seder_Plate_4fa4725514b40_100x100P.S. For your gift of $250 or more we would be happy to send you a beautiful Passover plate made in Israel. You can use it for a Passover Seder yourself or display it in your home as a reminder to pray for the Jewish people who so desperately need to discover the true Passover Lamb.


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