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Ministry Update from Israel

Shalom from Israel!

As I write to you, I am looking out over the beautiful Dead Sea. I am in Israel for several weeks to encourage our twenty-five staff members serving the Lord in the Holy Land. What a joy to see the power of God unleashed in Israel today.

But first of all, let me thank you for praying for Chosen People Ministries. We could not do this work without your love, encouragement, prayers, and faithful support!

I believe our ministry is in good health in all areas: spiritually, financially, theologically, and strategically. I thank God daily for the wonderful sense of unity within our ministry, from the board level to the staff. We have so much to be thankful for over the course of more than a century of ministry.

Our staff continues to be filled with vision for the future and an enduring passion for the salvation of our Jewish people. The heartfelt cry of those who serve with Chosen People Ministries resonates with the words of the great Apostle Paul who wrote: “Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them (the Jewish people) is for their salvation” (Romans 10:1).

Please allow me to reflect for a moment on some of what the Lord has accomplished through our dedicated staff this past year in His Land!

We maintain two outreach facilities: one in Jerusalem, which we own, and another in greater Tel Aviv, which we rent—the Ramat Gan Messianic Center. Through these facilities and others, we distribute food and relief across the country, sponsor concerts, Sabbath meals, Bible studies, and ministries to young parents and their children.

Our Isaiah 53 online campaign continues to reap good results in Israel. During this past fiscal year, we received more than 3,000 requests for the Isaiah 53 Explained book in Hebrew. Of these requests, 90 percent are from non-believers.

We continue a robust program of children’s camping programs in Israel, as well as trips for Israeli children to Poland and Germany. During this past year, we had more than 600 children and teens in our programs, with dozens of decisions for the Lord among the young people we are serving.

Our ministry among Holocaust survivors continues to thrive as we serve this rapidly diminishing community throughout Israel. We sense an urgency for this ministry, as Holocaust survivors will not be with us for much longer. Maxim Katz, our dedicated staff member who needs a kidney transplant, is the one who leads this ministry. He continues to need our prayers.

We are also serving the next generation of Israeli Messianic leaders by training them through our Living Waters mentoring retreats each summer. We usually take a group of 35–40 leaders, which includes husbands and wives, and oftentimes children. We usually go to a hotel on the beach for a retreat and provide a speaker from the United States who addresses a relevant topic. It is our vision to help equip both vocational Christian workers as well as those in a variety of occupations, including army careers, to develop in their leadership as they serve the Lord through their local congregations or in some type of ministry.

Our Partnership
Thanks so much for your prayers and faithful support. Without you, none of the above would be possible. We are partners in the gospel! We are looking forward to the most intensive outreach we have ever had as we bring more than 125 people to serve on the streets of New York City from July 27 until August 10, 2019.

Again, Zhava and I are grateful for the opportunity to serve with Chosen People Ministries in the United States and around the globe in reaching our Jewish people for Jesus! The fiscal year 2019 was a year of good growth and celebration of our 125 years of faithful service to the Lord, and we look forward to continued celebrations through the end of December. We are especially looking forward to our November 15 banquet in New York City, which is part of our Chosen People Ministries heritage weekend. For more information, please visit

Thanks for caring, and have a blessed remainder of the summer!

Your brother in the Messiah,

Dr. Mitch Glaser
President, Chosen People Ministries

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You can make all the difference!

Chosen People Ministries is getting ready to send out more than one hundred staff and volunteer evangelists onto the streets of New York City. We believe the secret to Jewish evangelism is prayer!

So please keep our staff and volunteers in your prayers!

We are already following up with hundreds of Jewish contacts received during our month-long online evangelism campaign in June. Hundreds have received copies of Isaiah 53 Explained and additional follow-up materials. At this moment, phone calls are being made to those who expressed an interest in Jesus, and we are visiting those open to a personal meeting. So, keep praying and look out for more emails to follow what God is doing through Shalom New York.


We thank God that we have well-trained missionaries and evangelists who can teach the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective, as there will be hundreds of contacts made during Shalom New York, as well! I believe we must provide deeper and more extensive training to a new generation of young evangelists so they can be used by God to spread the gospel message, make disciples, and lead Messianic congregations!

This is why we continue to recruit new workers and train them at our Charles L. Feinberg Center for Messianic Jewish Studies in the heart of Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn!


Daniel Fuchs was one of our great leaders of Chosen People Ministries. I owe so much to this great man of God because he helped me receive a Chosen People Ministries scholarship to attend Bible college. I was nineteen years old, and just leaving the hippie life in San Francisco. I wanted to serve the Lord but my beloved parents were not willing to help at the time. What Jewish parent would pay for their Jewish son or daughter to study to become a missionary for Jesus to the Jewish people?

Dr. Jerry Johnson, a Southern Baptist leader, met Daniel Fuchs many years ago and remarked:

“I heard Daniel Fuchs teach a Bible study at a Chosen People Ministries board meeting and was impressed with the gravitas of his person and his love for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I want to tell you he was a great man.”

Your brother in the Messiah,

Mitch Glaser

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