The Vote for Palestinian Statehood: A Call for Prayer

I am sure you are following the events taking place at the United Nations carefully!  Times are tense – especially with the request for Palestinian statehood supposedly being brought to the table today by Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian authority.

The situation is grave and becoming more complicated by the day!

In an editorial this morning in the New York Times, the author wrote,

The United States and its partners should put a map and a deal on the table, with a timeline for concluding negotiations and a formal United Nations statehood vote. The proposal must be bold and fair and backed by the Security Council and the Arab League. And they need to help sell it to the Israeli and Palestinian people — not just politicians.

I believe statements and positions like these are at the heart of why peace has been so elusive and difficult to achieve.  It is a terribly unrealistic statement and tragically simplifies the problem.  The statement shows little understanding of the culture, values and history  of the people involved.  I am not offering any suggestions for a solution, but I know that demanding a quick resolution that ignores the volatility of the situation will not work!  The above suggestion treats the parties like children.

This is why it is so important at this moment to call upon the Lord to help and give wisdom to the leaders of Israel and the Palestinians.  We know that peace will ultimately come when the Prince of Peace – Jesus – reigns on His rightful throne as predicted for thousands of years by the Jewish prophets… but we still need some type of solution today that will minimize the mourning of both Jewish and Arab mothers whose children are killed because world leaders cannot solve their problems by anything other than violence – especially utilizing terror attacks on innocents!

It is especially important for every follower of Yeshua the Messiah to pray for the peace of Jerusalem… and to pray today that some degree of peace, or at least the temporary cessation of violence might be possible!


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8 responses to “The Vote for Palestinian Statehood: A Call for Prayer

  1. gloria

    Genesis 12:3 has NOT been removed. God does not change His mind.Pray for the peace of All in Israel.
    pray that many many will see the “enemy’ behind the lies
    in the media/ leaders. he does not care who gets hurt.
    he prowls around seeking who he can destroy.
    O Lord! bring revival! have mercy on us.

  2. Mary DelRosario

    Dr. Mitch Glaser:
    Shalom and the peace of Christ be always with you!
    What a time we live in. Right now we who are in Christ can and will save the people of Israel by the power of Christ within us. He alone is our Rock. By the Spirit of the living God, as St.Paul wrote many times, we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies. The Lord has time in His hands. I rest there. When He moves me, I go, when not, I stay. He is the Ancient of Days. The people of Israel will make it. They will not be destroyed. Rejoice, I say, rejoice. I quiet myself and know that He alone is God, Yeshua is the Lord
    and God raised Him from the dead. Why should we fear what mere man can do? The Lord is with us. I pray for the victory of Israel and they shall have it.
    I am wearing my Israeli Air Force t-shirt and I rejoice in the Spirit of the living God who is with me as I keep them who love the Lord and abide by His Word. Draw nigh to Him and He will draw nigh to thee. He is here. Shalom !

  3. Gloria Carmichael

    Mitch, I’m teaching the Bible to a young former Buddist. I’ve started from
    the beginning to help him understand the process of how Israel came to be and then to Christ the Messiah. It has been on my heart to teach him about
    Jesus our High Priest and the Day of Atonement. Your article layed it out perfectly. I just wanted to say thank you. I’ll apply your comments about
    a time of atonement to myself. Yes, I’m praying for Israel. God bless you.

  4. Lawrence Furman

    Benjamin Netanyahu got it right when he said “Israel is guilty until proven guilty.

  5. Zuli Morton

    Friends of Choosen People Ministry: Thank you for the article, I love to learn about Rosh Hashanah and other Jewish Holidays, always praying for the Peace of Israel, Jerusalem is always in my heart and mind.

  6. teresa weddle

    greater is he who is in us, than he who is in the world.

    shalom, lorraine

  7. Mangui Sengelmann

    I am praying to Our LORD in Heaven to Protect ISRAEL and all HIS Children!

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