Time to Protest! Presbyterian Anti Israel Tactics

I do not usually step into the fray of denominational politics, but this time I am compelled to raise my voice!

The Presbyterian Church USA will be meeting in General Assembly this week.  The representatives to the Assembly will consider taking actions against Israel that go beyond the call of Christians to preach the Good News to all people.

The PCUSA should be more concerned with sharing the love of God with both Israelis and Arabs and less concerned with solving political problems through coercive financial messages and promoting materials for local congregations that are overly simplistic, unfair and mean-spirited.

The Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) has made repeated efforts over the last two decades to minimize Jewish evangelism, to encourage PCUSA churches to openly criticize Israel, and to urge churches to divest their shares of companies doing business with Israel.

A number of Overtures initiated at the 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) this week will take a politically pro-Palestinian posture – going so far as to compare today’s Israelis to Nazis who murdered six million Jews.

This movement within the PCUSA has gone too far. Those who identify themselves as followers of Jesus must raise their voices in protest.

As Messianic Jews and Gentile followers of Jesus Christ supportive of Israel’s right to the land promised to the Jewish people in the Bible, we boldly protest these outrageous efforts by the PCUSA.

We urge the leaders of the PCUSA to stop vilifying Israel. We should be focused on evangelism – concentrating on sharing the Gospel with both Jewish people and Palestinians.

Less of politics, and more of the Gospel, leads to enduring peace.

Please click on http://bit.ly/1sj1aan and sign the petition and please send this out to all your friends that love the Lord and the Jewish people… and to those who do not, as the actions of the PCUSA must be opposed by all followers of our Messiah Jesus who believe the Gospel should be our primary focus and tool of reconciliation.

Click here to sign the petition to stop the anti-Israel movement



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23 responses to “Time to Protest! Presbyterian Anti Israel Tactics

  1. Henk Bloemhard

    Shows again that not everyone who names the name of Christ is of Christ!

  2. S Kennedy

    Dr. Glaser, I sincerely respect you and what you stand for and believe. I would, however appreciate the source of your information so that I can read for myself from PCUSA documents or web site what you are reporting to us here. I can not in good conscience sign the petition without this. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your reply. Please see the following.

      Background Documents:
      Position of the PCUSA on Israel, Divestment, etc.
      The following articles and documents might help you with your decision to sign the petition. The perspective of the PCUSA on these issues echo the Palestinian political agenda and include accusations of Israel being an “apartheid” state, implementing policies designed to harm Palestinians rather than protect all who live in Israel from terrorism. Please read the first article and then the other materials with a critical eye.


      Click to access 2013_GA_017_Grace_Occupation.pdf

      Click to access 2014_mrti_report_on_i-p_corp_engage-_1-9_final.pdf

      Zionism Unsettled: The Congregational Workbook: http://store.pcusa.org/2646614001

      • S Kennedy

        First let me thank you for these references. I will read them very carefully. To make it clear, I do not at all support the PCUSA. I very much believe that they are not following Gods and Yeshua teachings, as contained in the divine revelation of God through his servants found in the Bible. As a Christian, I pray for unity among Gods people especially between Christians and Jews. As you know the general assembly is made up of church leaders who come from various diverse views, and those views can be very misguided. I will pray that sanity and God will lead them and that they will have no part in delving into the politic you are addressing. May God bless you and your organization. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      • Elisabeth Moise

        I am a member of a church within the PC(USA) and have seen a strong political thread develop in body of believers in this age; a thread born of pride thinking that humanity can define the will of God for Israel. It does not reflect the whole of the PC(USA) and there are many churches within the denomination that support Chosen People and the nation of Israel. There is much misinformation regarding the “plight” of the Palestinians and the role of the Jews in the conflict; truth is the victim and seldom reflected in many discussion regarding Israel and Palestine. I pray for truth to shower upon those making decision and I pray for shalom for all of us, no matter what the outcome will be at General Assembly. As a gentile I came to faith in Jesus Christ through my experience living in Israel for 4 years (junior high age) and my relationship with Jewish people. I know that Israel has always been in God’s hands and always will be, no matter what the PC(USA) decides in this age. I give thanks to God for the Jewish people and I know they continue to be a light to the nations.

  3. Sharon Sommer

    I fully support Israel!

  4. Steve Merkel

    The PCUSA has gone off the rails and exchange “the way, truth, and life” for a lie.

  5. Sondra

    I guess they do not understand that the Jews are still the chosen people. I really cannot understand people and their hate for things they do not understand.

  6. Like the apostate Quakers, the Presbyterians have either lost or discarded the premise of Christianity: the fall of man and the resulting corrupt nature inherited from Adam. Indeed, they are not Christian when they serve the prince of this world rather than preaching the Gospel they seem to have abandoned. What is their explanation for sin, the purpose of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection? The PCUSA proposed actions don’t comport with the Christian mandate. I recommend a mission to preach the Gospel to the Presbyterians USA. Obviously, they haven’t heard it.

  7. Menachem, Shaul

    As a Jew, a former anti-missionary, lover of Israel, lover of Palestinians, a lover of my own people, and the truth, I fully condemn your actions that go against Scripture, and only serve to promote more anti-Semitism. I call on you Mr. Rada, and the denomination you oversee to come back to the truth of God’s word, and of what’s actually happening. Remember Yeshua is King of Israel, not Palestine. Yes He’s King of kings, but He is heir to the throne of David. May the Trinity guide your thoughts, and bring into the truth.

  8. Dean M.

    I hate to say this but this appears to me to be another example of Christian Antisemitism that has come down through the ages. In a small synagogue in a small city in Texas where I used to attend, the older folks told me how the kids in this Bible Belt Christian town would shoot the windows out with B-B guns and yell “Christ killers,” to the members of the synagogue. These members felt obliged to quietly enter in through the side door, rather than open the front doors. That is why they still, to this day, go in quietly through the side door. As a result the syngogue looks like it is always shut. (The Jews of the town don’t want to draw attention to themselves, though that era of intolerance has passed.)

    But, look what is happening now again. We Jews are partly to blame in that as a people we are not Torah observant and worse than that: Modern Reform and Conservative Judaism both support the homosexual agenda of so-called “gay marriage” and ordination of homosexuals to the rabbinate. There is a push in Israel to make Tel Aviv the “gay capitol of the world” because of its acceptance of homosexual behavior it its night life. The Torah says the land will vomit us out if we uphold such things (Vayikra/Leviticus 18:22–30). So if we as a people (Reform & Conservative Judaism constitute a majority of religious Jews) turn from God and Torah, we can expect the malediction promised. The land will vomit us out. Growing Antisemitism is undoubtedly part of this.

  9. Doug Thompson

    Your comments about the PCUSA are entirely correct and worthy of condemnation. You should be aware however, that the bulk of this problem lies within the leadership which has highjacked this organization. There are many congregations who have left in protest and no longer associate with this group. Another, significant movement is growing within that church to change their direction away from this madness. They are launching a number of motions at the upcoming General Assembly with the hope of regaining control and putting them back on a righteous path. Historically, the PCUSA had been a supporter of Israel.but sadly that is not the case with the current leadership. They have been undermining the position of this church which will fall apart if not resolved. Let’s hope and pray that this movement will succeed.in returning this church to the rightful path of truth.

  10. Yosef

    June 17, 2014 at 9:30 PM CDT

    Anybody of any persuasion that does not believe God and Our Savior Jesus Christ does not respect the creator of their existence nor His rules for life set forth in His Holy Scripture.

    Our world and earth have major problems stemming from disobedience and especially lack of love. Both of these sins cause all sorts of climatic turmoil and damage as well as societal disasters via hate, greed, love of money, prejudice and indifference. Our imperfect world population apparently is blind to what needs to occur to fulfill God’s purpose for us. Without our following the way of life as prescribed in Holy Scripture, the world will continue to face strife and degradation.
    The choice has always existed since the Garden of Eden, but we are permitting Satan to continually win; hence, the unbelievers and faithless will have a hopeless future/destiny.

    Start believing God, not merely Believing in Him. It seems to me that people of the world have a fetish for relying on human beings who are imperfect. Does it make sense for an imperfect person to rely on another imperfect person, when we have available the perfect wisdom of Our Creator at our fingertips every day of our life to follow in all that we do.


  11. David D.

    This debate in the PCUSA is one of the reasons that my wife and I left the denomination years ago. We now attend a Messianic synagogue, study the Torah and actively work for the salvation of the Chosen People. The Presbyterians also adhere to Replacement Theology (another lie from HaSatan), and thus the anti-Zionist position being promoted through the General Assembly fully supports their false theology. I agree with Mr. Menachem’s point above and, in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach, rebuke the PCUSA’s curse against the Jewish people. Genesis 12:3 is crystal clear!

  12. S Kennedy

    Please understand that the Presbyterian church split a number of years ago. I belong to the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) and I can assure you that we are very fundamental and definitely are not saying or doing any of the things being discussed here.

  13. Carla Baron

    Praying for the truth to be revealed to those in the PCUSA who have made such a critical decision. May the God of all truth and love turn their hearts back to Him, to His people and His land.

  14. Marcel A. R. Clarke

    Seems like the entire PCUSA is ready to die! Why they are troubling GOD’s YHVH’s people! Whom YHVH Bless no man CURSE! have they read the entire story Balaam and the Donkey, have they read Matthew 8:11-12; Romans 8:27-39 Romans 2:29-3:1-10,11-15,16-18-26, emphasis on 27-31 read very slowly observe every punctuation every question asked and answered! then read Romans 11:1 isn’t this the same Apostle Paul who wrote most of the NEW Testament read on emphasis on 3-5 read on 6-9 with emphasis on 10-36 extreme emphasis on 14-27! PCUSA be careful! SHALOM

  15. Freak

    D-D said I will Bless them that Bless you, And Curse Them who Curse you.

  16. Ron Arnold

    When PCUSA drifted from the foundation of Scripture, their apostasy had manifested itself in many ways, this incursion being just the latest.

  17. Dr. Glasier, I will always support Isreal and the Jewish people. Please help me avoid these churches, which ones are the Presbytarians?

  18. phil h. beckwith

    Scripture is very clear in regards to the treatment of the Jews.it is a pity PCUSA prefers worldly laws/opinions.

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