Happy 68th Birthday Israel!

Dear friends,

Mitch_GlaserShalom in the great name of Jesus the Messiah. On May 12 the Jerusalem sky will be lit with beautiful displays of fireworks and thousands of Israelis will be dancing in the streets!—in celebration of Israel’s 68th birthday.

The modern state of Israel is a great joy to those of us who love the Lord Jesus, believe the Bible and affirm God’s plan for the Jewish people.

Let’s face it—the existence of the modern state of Israel is a miracle! Yet, we know there is so much more to come as the Bible is filled with prophecies about Israel’s glorious future. I am sure you are looking forward to that great day when the Jewish people receive Jesus as their Messiah (Romans 11:11-25), and the Prince of Peace sits on His glorious and rightful throne in Jerusalem! Your generous gift today will help us continue to take the Good News of Messiah to Jewish people worldwide.

I believe this great day is coming!

1605PZLW_Israel-Independence-BS62359205Israel: Let Freedom…of Religion Ring

The modern state of Israel is a bastion of hope in the midst of a war-torn Middle East. Israel is a modern democratic nation that practices freedom of religion.

You have never heard of Israel persecuting Muslims, Christians or any other people of faith have you? There has been some discussion about Orthodox Jewish people persecuting Messianic Jews, but most of the reports you hear about the persecution of Messianic Jews in Israel are overplayed.

Let’s Celebrate!
I hope you will find a way to celebrate the 68th birthday of the nation of Israel! We have so many reasons to be thankful: the fulfillment of prophecy demonstrating that the Word of God is true and the fact that Western countries have a friend and ally in the Middle East that is both democratic and practices religious freedom.

1605PZLW_Kotel-with-israeli-flag-BS6162403Yet there are also hosts of social problems and challenges that face Israel today—just like any other country in the world. Israel is a divided society, and we need to pray every day for God’s peace to fall upon the Promised Land so that both Jews and Palestinians are able to live their lives and raise their children without worrying about their safety.


I believe that this is the dream of every Jewish and Palestinian mother!

We know that these issues will not be solved until Jesus reigns on His rightful throne. This is why it is so important to bring the Gospel to the Jewish people in Israel—and also to the many other groups that live within Israel.

The need is great, but the opportunity is greater.

Your Prayers Are Needed
First of all, may I ask you to pray for the work of Chosen People Ministries in Israel? Please pray for our growing staff. Also, our media evangelistic programs are changing lives! We have produced almost a dozen Messianic Jewish testimonies in Hebrew that are being watched by tens of thousands in Israel today. We now have between 50 and 100 Israelis asking for our Isaiah 53 Explained book in Hebrew each week. I never thought I would see this happen.

Would you honor the 68th birthday of Israel with a gift of $68?

Your gift of $68 or more allows us to:

  • Send twelve Isaiah 53 Explained books to Israelis seeking the Lord
  • Scholarship one child for almost a full week of camp
  • Help us pay the rent on our Tel Aviv facility where our 100-plus-member congregation of Russian Jewish believers meet each week
  • Help us run our Jerusalem Center, which is the national headquarters for our ministries throughout Israel

I hope you will be generous as wonderful opportunities for evangelism are increasing every day! In fact, our budget for the next fiscal year begins July 1 and calls for almost a half million dollars to maintain all of the programs, people, and facilities that Your Mission to the Jewish People supports in Israel.

1605PZLW_Christians-Sukkot-BS109412108Your generous investment in the spiritual future of Israel will make a big difference in the lives of everyday Israelis—because they need the Lord! Perhaps you would like to give a more substantial gift to help us support this growing work as we look forward to the great day of the Lord’s return. 

There’s just no place like Israel on planet Earth! Would you help me help our staff reach Israel for Jesus?

Happy 68th Birthday, Israel!

Your brother in the Messiah,


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