Music and Coffee? Yes Please!

Have you ever felt like you were simply not getting through to your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors?

I have come to the conclusion that the only strategy for preaching the gospel that dismally fails one hundred percent of the time is not preaching the gospel at all! So don’t give up!

The power of the Good News is alive, dynamic, and powerful! (Romans 10:14) 

The Lord calls upon us all to be His preachers by making ourselves available to share the Word with others.

Sometimes sharing can be difficult.  

My dad always seemed to be open to the gospel. One day, I was sitting with him in his car on a street corner in Brooklyn talking to him about Jesus.

My dad saw the transformation in my life when I came to faith, and I usually did not have to work hard to get him to listen to me for a few moments. But this time around, he stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Son, I love you and will listen to you talk about what you believe all day. But you need to know that I just don’t get it! I don’t believe in God, the afterlife, or the supernatural.   I respect your belief in Jesus, but it just doesn’t work for me.”

I was crushed.

I wish I could tell you my dad received the Lord before he passed away. If he did, I was not aware of it. I am still sad and bewildered as to why I came to faith and, as far as I know, he did not. Maybe I did not make the right arguments, or was too pushy, or did not give him the right gospel tract?

When people you love do not accept salvation, it breaks your heart. But one day, even these tears will be wiped away.

Meanwhile, we need to obey the Lord and proclaim the good news whenever possible.

Let me tell you about some exciting developments in Israel that reflect how the Lord is changing lives today with the power of the gospel.

Israeli Café Nights!

One of the wonderful ministries we conduct at the Ramat Gan Center, very close to the heart of bustling Tel Aviv, is our weekly Café Nights. Jason, who leads this ministry, can tell us all about it!

Jason writes, “Here in Israel, socializing at coffee shops is a crucial part of the young adult scene. So, we run an outreach with live music and free lattes! This can draw a significant crowd. We call these events Café Nights. We offer varieties of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and some local items, along with fountain sodas and some elegant snacks. We also hire accomplished musicians and spend hours creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

These outreach events are run by our staff and trained volunteers. Our goal is to do everything with the highest standards. This means that we use high-quality ingredients and, as a result, we have a reputation for always having exceptional coffee in addition to friendly people and great music.

We do not charge for anything. Because of this, people ask a lot of questions, which gives us opportunities to get into deep conversations that wouldn’t otherwise occur.

Here is one great story out of many on how God is using the Ramat Gan Center to reach young Israelis.

A young man in his thirties walked in looking for something fun to do. He lives nearby and passed the Center on his way home. He asked a lot of questions since he had never met a Jewish follower of Jesus before. He was very open and took an Isaiah 53 Explained book in Hebrew to read. A few weeks later, he came back and had many more questions. We are continuing to talk with him.

We are grateful for your support, and your prayers are invaluable…as we know that the real power is not in the method but in His Word and the miracle of His grace by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Please continue to pray for us and for the work of Chosen People Ministries around the world!

Blessings to you in the name of Jesus,
Mitch Glaser

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