Digital Evangelism Reaches Even Further

Facebook Isaiah 53 Explained Campaigns

As we celebrate our 125th anniversary in 2019, it is good to remember the ways in which the Lord has led Chosen People Ministries in using technology for the purpose of creatively communicating the gospel!

In every decade, these creative gospel efforts used the most modern technology of the day and catapulted our “Jewish” gospel message into the public arena where many Jewish people heard the good news.


Now, in the 21st century, Chosen People Ministries is a pioneer in using digital media to proclaim the gospel to the Jewish people. This would include our use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and a variety of websites, including our website where we offer a free book detailing the death and resurrection of Jesus as described in this chapter of the Bible.

A partnership with Cru’s (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) Jesus Film project made it possible to produce this wonderful movie in Yiddish, the language spoken by almost one million Orthodox and Hasidic Jews around the globe. Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jewish people have clicked to view the video, and dozens have watched the video for five to ten minutes, which means they clearly heard the gospel message!


We will continue our legacy of street outreach during Shalom New York, which begins the last week of July and continues through early August.

We will also be placing Facebook ads and other online digital advertising focused on the New York Jewish community so that when our over 125 volunteers and Chosen People Ministries’ staff hit the streets for the Shalom New York outreach, they will already have hundreds of seekers to contact.


We could use your prayers! Please pray for the Lord to break through to the Jewish community we meet.

We are hoping to influence 125,000 people for Jesus during this anniversary year…both Jewish and Gentile seekers and those followers of the Lord who want to share the gospel with their Jewish friends.


Mitch Glaser

P.S. Thank you for encouraging us to stretch in our strategies and efforts to reach Jewish people for our Messiah Jesus!

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