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Sharing the Messiah from the Hebrew Scriptures

Shalom in His grace!

Your Mission to the Jewish People continues to find great opportunities to reach Jewish people with the gospel amidst the reopening of our country. We continue to communicate with Jewish people online while inching forward toward opening our centers and offices, having in-person services, and sharing the Lord by visiting with Jewish people face-to-face or mask-to-mask!

We have learned much during this time of quarantine and hope these lessons, especially some of the new outreach strategies we have developed, remain with us in the days and months ahead. But, like everyone else, Chosen People Ministries staff members look forward to in-person worship and restarting our ministries as soon as possible.

I am thrilled to see the connection between online evangelism and in-person followup. Our situation still limits us as the country is opening at different times, and we are in two dozen cities in the United States alone. Yet, our online ministries (some of which began well before the pandemic) are still used powerfully by God every day!

Here are just a few examples of how God is working during the pandemic:

One young man attended a virtual service through our Brooklyn congregation, and he asked many questions afterward. He met with one of the congregational leaders through Zoom and shortly thereafter accepted Jesus as his Messiah and Savior! He continues to attend online services and is growing in his faith!

A young woman contacted us on Facebook and asked for a copy of our Isaiah 53 Explained book. We sent it to her, and she wrote to tell us she was reading it. She is now in regular contact with our staff and has begun studying the Bible with her husband, who comes from a Christian home. She told us that she now believes Jesus is the promised Messiah! I cannot tell you how exciting and encouraging this is!

These experiences have convinced Your Mission to the Jewish People more than ever before that the gospel is as powerful today as it was when the Apostle Paul penned Romans 1:16,

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

In season or out of season, in darkness and light, and through every type of natural disaster and pandemic, the gospel continues to be God’s power unleashed to transform the lives of those who believe and accept Jesus as their Savior.

By way of reminder and as the leader of this historic mission to the Jewish people, I believe that Jewish people need to accept Jesus to have a place in the age to come (John 14:6, Acts 4:12, John 3:16–17).

I do not believe that anyone is capable of keeping the Law to the extent that their human efforts would somehow satisfy God’s demands for righteousness, enabling the individual to enter heaven on their own merit. (Galatians 2:15–16, 3:23–25, Romans 10:2–4 ff.) Jewish people are saved by grace through faith, just like everyone else!

“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast” (Ephesians 2:8–9).

It might sound simplistic, but the Scripture is clear. It is the very basis for missions, and for Chosen People Ministries, it has been our focus for more than a century!

As we work through the challenges of life on this side of eternity, we cherish your continued prayers, love, and support. We are in this together, and I am beyond grateful for you!

Your brother in the Messiah,

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Please Pray for Our Mission

Shalom, friend.

I hope you are well and taking good care of yourself and your family at this critical time in our world’s history!

Your Chosen People Ministries family is doing our best to care for our staff and staff families, which number about 150 people serving in the United States, and we are linked to another 100 in 18 other countries around the globe.

Even in the midst of this global pandemic, we continue to reach the Jewish people with gospel through online Bible studies, virtual congregational meetings, as well as personal discipleship through digital follow-up of those who requested Isaiah 53 Explained. We are finding that more and more Jewish people are opening their hearts in this desperate hour. We do not want to scale back, but rather meet them in their hour of need.  Because of you and your love for the Lord and the Jewish people, we have grown as a ministry over the last decade.  I believe it is just another sign of His soon return (Romans 11:11–29).

The missionaries and administrative staff of Chosen People Ministries devote their lives to sharing the gospel with the Jewish people. As president of the Mission, it is my responsibility to care for the welfare of our missionaries. In light of this, I am writing to ask you to take a moment—maybe right now—and pray for the missionaries of Chosen People Ministries. Please also pray for our administrative staff, mostly in New York City and Florida, who are now working from home and are dedicated to serving the missionaries in the field.

James writes, “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much” (James 5:16b). Therefore, I would like to give you some specific things that you can pray for at this time.

  1. Please keep our missionaries, both in the United States and abroad, in your prayers. Many have needed to adjust their plans and goals during this time. A large part of their income comes from speaking engagements, and many of them are having to postpone their plans until it is possible to travel, conduct public ministries, etc.
  1. Pray for our Messianic Centers, which have been forced to close for safety: Brooklyn, Chicago, Florida, Jerusalem, Ramat Gan, Buenos Aires, and others.
  1. Pray for our digital ministries, such as online Bible studies, meetings, discipleship, and evangelism. Please pray that we can continue to reach Jewish people and have meaningful conversations with them about faith.
  1. Pray for our House of Living Waters (HOLW) outreach, which is our campus ministry. Even though the New York University students have gone home, our HOLW interns continue to minister to them both digitally and by phone.
  1. Please pray for the Jewish people at large—many are afraid and uncertain right now and need the good news now more than ever.

Please consider taking a moment now to pray for Your Mission to the Jewish People.

We cannot allow our ministry to the Jewish people to decrease at this crucial time, when Jewish people are seeking more now than ever before.

Also…let us know how we can pray for you!

We have prayer teams organized who would be more than happy to pray for you and your loved ones during this difficult time. Visit chosenpeople.com/pray to leave us your prayer request.

Thank you so much for standing with Your Mission to the Jewish People.


Blessings in Messiah and stay safe!



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